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Houston TranStar Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary, $7+ Billion in Reduced Costs for Travelers

Apr 15th, 2021


Houston TranStar Celebrates 25-Year Anniversary, $7+ Billion in Reduced Costs for Travelers

Joshua Shideler, Public Information Officer – (713) 881-3044

Today the Houston TranStar facility, southeast Texas’ transportation and emergency management center, proudly celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary.

Since its inception, TranStar’s pivotal transportation role in the region has saved motorists an estimated $7.1 billion in reduced travel cost. On the emergency management front, TranStar’s partners have long promoted a culture of preparedness, educating people about essential disaster readiness and response activities.

A formal collaboration among the City of Houston, Harris County, the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) and the Texas Department of Transportation, TranStar has become a symbol for safety, innovation, dependability and progress.

“For twenty-five years, the people at TranStar have successfully built and advanced an innovative transportation network," said Dinah Massie, TranStar’s executive director. “And the work our emergency management teams do before and after a crisis to save lives and protect property is unparalleled.”

Guided by an Executive Committee comprising leaders from its partner agencies, TranStar’s charge is to provide consistent, dependable services to the region.

“Improving travel safety and reliability is crucial,” said Tom Lambert, President & CEO of METRO and current TranStar Executive Committee Member. “A lot of hard work goes into our planning, the coordination of resources, and delivery of real-time information to residents, particularly during a disaster. METRO is proud to have been a TranStar partner since day one.”

TranStar has touched many lives. From improving daily commutes with real-time traffic data to informing the public at news conferences on large-scale emergencies, the TranStar partnership is trusted and valued by residents and travelers of the greater Houston region.

“While our residents have seen their share of good and bad days, TranStar has served them proudly for 25 years, working around-the-clock to keep motorists informed, roadways clear and lives safe,” said Massie. “And we look forward to the years ahead.”

Houston TranStar 2021 Executive Committee
Aaron Dunn, Chair
Harris County

Carol Haddock, P.E., Vice Chair
City of Houston

Thomas C. Lambert, Member
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

Eliza Paul, P.E., Member
Texas Department of Transportation

TranStar Facility Director
Dinah Massie, Houston TranStar
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