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Harris County Signal Status; Officials Urge Caution at Flashing Lights

Sep 4th, 2017

H A R R I S C O U N T Y Transportation and Planning-Traffic Signal Maintenance
For Immediate Release
HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS—Since Hurricane Harvey, the Harris County Traffic Signal Maintenance teams have been working to bring full restoration to all damaged Harris County-operated traffic signals. Harris County is committed to keeping commuters safe and informed about our signal restoration efforts.

As of Monday afternoon, we estimate that approximately 96% of the 900 Countyoperated traffic signals are either undamaged by the storm or have been restored to normal operation through the efforts of our County staff and contractors. A small number of signals are still inaccessible to our crews due to ongoing flood conditions, primarily in areas upstream from the Addicks and Barker Reservoirs. Other signals not yet in normal operation were significantly damaged by flooding and will remain in red flash operation until repairs can be completed.

Signal restoration was prioritized with public safety as the first consideration. Power restoration and correcting dark signals is now complete. Ongoing repair orders have been prioritized based on accommodating high traffic volumes moving through major intersections.

Please remember that flashing red lights function as four-way stops. As local schools resume operations, be alert for school zone flashers and signs.

Anticipate high traffic volumes and delays where drivers must detour to parallel routes in areas where roadways remain closed due to flooding. Please be patient and plan to adjust your rush hour schedule accordingly.

Harris County traffic signal facts: The Harris County Engineering Department operates and maintains approximately 900 traffic signals and 550 school zone flashers, located on County-maintained roads throughout the County. Approximately 90% of those traffic signals and school zone flashers are located in unincorporated areas. Traffic signals on numbered state highways in unincorporated areas are maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. In most cases, traffic signals within a city are maintained by that city.

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