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County Officials Warn of Traffic Delays, Advise Planning, Caution and Patience

Sep 4th, 2017

H A R R I S C O U N T Y Transportation and Planning-Traffic Signal Maintenance
For Immediate Release
HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS—Since Hurricane Harvey, the Harris County Traffic Signal Maintenance teams have been working to bring full restoration to all damaged Harris County-operated traffic signals. Harris County is committed to keeping commuters safe and informed about our signal restoration efforts.

Tuesday morning will bring the highest number of vehicles onto the County road network since Harvey made landfall over a week ago. With many local roadways and highways still closed due to ongoing flooding, rush-hour congestion is expected to be especially heavy – and at times severe - in areas where drivers must detour to parallel routes.

The unincorporated areas north and west of the Addicks Reservoir and to the west of the Barker Reservoir are two such areas. Segments of several major roadways to the north of Interstate 10 remain closed to traffic, including State Highway 6, Barker Cypress Road, North Eldridge Parkway and Clay Road. Segments of Westheimer Parkway, South Barker Cypress Road and several roadways near the Harris – Ft. Bend County line remain closed on the south side of I-10.

Harris County traffic engineers and signal technicians - with the support of the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Houston - have been preparing for the increased traffic volumes. Signals in the affected areas have received additional attention on Sunday and Monday to ensure traffic signal restoration following Hurricane Harvey is fully completed. Special signal timing plans have been installed by engineering crews, using plans originally used for the flood events of 2016. On Tuesday, engineers will be in the field observing rush-hour traffic and making traffic signal timing adjustments as needed. Maintenance crews are on standby to quickly address any signal repair needs. Nonetheless, drivers should anticipate significant traffic delays where in areas where major roadways remain closed due to flooding. Please be patient and plan to adjust your rush hour travel schedule accordingly.

Harris County traffic signal facts: The Harris County Engineering Department operates and maintains approximately 900 traffic signals and 550 school zone flashers, located on County-maintained roads throughout the County. Approximately 90% of those traffic signals and school zone flashers are located in unincorporated areas. Traffic signals on numbered state highways in unincorporated areas are maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation. In most cases, traffic signals within a city are maintained by that city.
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